Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 is out now, plus it builds upon the game play mechanics and story found in Ch.1 – but just how do the two chapters compare? Even though Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 has been out less than a week, there’s a great deal to unpack when it comes to new gameplay features, storytelling, and lore. Once again, players are studying the (mainly) abandoned Playtime Co., as they attempt to survive a installation threat of monstrous toys. Whilst Poppy Playtime Ch.1 launched players for the iconic Huggy Wuggy, Ch. 2 takes a risk and puts a lot of the focus on a new entity – Mommy Long Legs. So how do the two chapters of Poppy Playtime compare?

From the gameplay standpoint, there’s much more to do – much more puzzles to resolve, much more locations to learn, and more Grab-Hand abilities to utilize. In reality, it will take players around three times as long to Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 Fly In A Web as it performed to complete Section 1. In addition there are much more monsters and toys (who will presumably become monsters in later on chapters) to locate spread around this iteration of the Playtime Co. facility. From Bron the dinosaur merch showing up regularly for the art work of Kissy Missy and PJ Pug-A-Pillar that players can discover through the entire game, Section 2 is centered on providing greater than Chapter 1.

The essential idea of Poppy Playtime remains the same, however. A monster – Mommy Long Thighs and legs, this time – is searching players, there are VHS Tapes to gather in Section 2, and with the help of the game’s titular Poppy Playtime doll, perhaps gamers can survive long enough to avoid Mommy Long Thighs and legs and the other Playtime Co. horrors for good. Despite newer Get-Hand functions, the game play continues to be mainly the same. It’s been broadened and enhanced, which can be great, but anyone that played Ch. 1 may have no worries diving into Poppy Playtime Chapter 2.

Similar to Ch.1, there’s lots of Poppy Playtime lore and tale items that can go undetected. Although playthings and cutouts of Bron are arguably featured a lot more than any other Playtime Co. plaything, Section 2 appears to be hinting at Kissy Missy becoming the primary monster for Section 3. Kissy Missy can be spotted moving in a tunnel, and she’s featured noticeably on indicators across the teach station at the conclusion of Poppy Playtime Chapter 2.

As a villain, Mommy Long Legs doesn’t work quite as well as Ch. 1’s Huggy Wuggy, even though she has one additional advantage – in Poppy Playtime Section 2, Mommy Long Thighs and legs appears sporadically during the period of the playthrough. Huggy Wuggy, alternatively, only really demonstrated up as a monster nearby the finish of Chapter 1, so Mommy Long Thighs and legs seems like much more of a risk. Additionally, it ckpfwa well to maintain players on their own feet, and it also helps make the scary a bit more extreme since players never ever know when Mommy Long Thighs and legs might show up to terrorize them.

General, Poppy Playtime Ch.2 is a nice enhancement over Ch.1. The level style and puzzles are more interesting, and the story is broadened upon in fascinating ways. The finishing for Poppy Playtime Section 2 also helps set up Ch. 3, that ought to attract enthusiasts who’ve come this far already. It will be fascinating to see how Ch.3 can improve on this formulation even much more.

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