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The Taotao Powermax Scooter 150cc is a budget-pleasant selection for beginners who want to give mopeds a shot. You do not have to be a professional to learn the ropes with this scooter. It’s a 150cc, so you will have more than enough power to ride around town and on specific low-velocity highways. Overall, it is a tremendously affordable scooter for the high-quality features put in by the business. If you’re in the market for one comparable to this, then you’re in for an actual shock.

One of the biggest issues with modern scooters is that so many people are concerned about the design and style. The Taotao Powermax is really as aesthetically pleasing as any moped could get! There are many colors and it appears comparable to a motorbike. We’ve only damaged the surface, so let’s plunge in and see what this effective scooter has in store listed below.

Key Features

This scooter is one of the greatest in the marketplace, even as compared to the scooters of any higher cost. The rear storage space is enough to have your gear along with you, but there is a 350-pound weight capability if you want to wear a rucksack as well. From the back taillights for the front headlights, this moped comes complete with everything you could need.

You will love the immediate startup, filling the engine with power once you transform the key. It locks as well, so don’t concern yourself with thieves attempting to accept the scooter. Twist the throttle to get moving, comparable to most other motor automobiles with handles. The dry weight in the device arrives to 295 pounds in total. It is 73 inches x 26 inches x 44 inches.

The handbrake will sluggish you as a result of a stop quickly. Manage it easily and acquire two times the stopping power due to the front and rear brakes. Unlike the majority of gasoline-driven scooters available on the market, this one becomes up rapidly. The pace shirts out at around 55 kilometers per power, which enables you to remain smoothly with traffic.

This scooter truly has everything! There are even weighty-duty pressurized tires created to luxury cruise over debris without popping. You will also see the front suspension that encourages sleek driving as well as the padded chair. The lights and transmission blinkers also activate exactly as a vehicle does, so there’s absolutely no understanding curve in that region.


Is available in an elegant look that appears just like a grime bicycle, in contrast to many other reduced-cost mopeds in the marketplace that look like toys.

Comfy seats and suspension system to get a sleek journey wherever you go. Don’t concern yourself with debris, the wheels get it under control.

This scooter maxes out at 55 mph, overshadowing any moped inside the cost range. It also becomes approximately velocity faster than the majority of the competitors.

Front and back brakes controlled by way of a handbrake for quick-acting prevents. Also includes a twist throttle to reduce the educational bend for novices.


– The Taotao scooter doesn’t have electronic m. However, most other scooters about its budget-friendly price range don’t possibly.

– It is a gasoline-driven scooter, which may or may not become a downside to suit your needs. Nevertheless, the mpg is one of the most energy-effective one of the lot.

Who may be it Ideal For?

The TaoTao Powermax Scooter 150cc would work for pretty much anyone that can legally drive. It’s comfy as well as simple to regulate. You do not need to worry about hauling about or getting through a huge bicycle, because this one is pretty lightweight. Kick your feet up on the footrests and loosen up when you ride out and about.

This scooter is fairly appropriate for those who want something that consists of a number of useful features. It is possible to pack increase your clothing or additional accessories within the locked rear storage beneath the soft chair. The dual-sided kickstand, complete suspensions, and front and back brakes are also very useful.

You’ll feel completely safe when riding this long lasting moped. Truthfully speaking, this scooter is made for anybody and everyone. If you are in the market for a gas-driven scooter, it is designed for you!

Why We Like It

We love the Taotao Powermax Scooter simply because it’s far more effective than other scooters in its cost range. While others usually best out at 25 to 35 mph, this one has no problem getting out of bed to highway velocity limits in szmmjk areas. You may make this your main vehicle as opposed to only making use of it to get a short drive.

A couple of bucks can get you almost 100 miles, which can be about as efficient because it becomes. We love this scooter so much because everybody could have a blast travelling anywhere they have to go next. Mopeds are no more for short trips. Lengthy-range, low-price, travel has become a reality because of the Taotao Powermax!

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