Today you will find thousands of medical websites online. But what are the best Health Care websites? Which can you trust? Obviously, you ought to be extremely careful which Internet sites you rely on for crucial health information and advice! Following are three proven, reliable health care megasites which, by common consent, are some of the most dependable and trustworthy.

1. Mayo Clinic

“The Requirements The Patients Come First” has become the key as well as the underlying principal with this world-renowned nonprofit healthcare clinic established by the Mayo brothers in 1889 in Rochester Minnesota. The company’s huge website, at, provides diagnostic and treatment info on virtually every disease and ailment known, which are listed alphabetically.

In the event you click, say, Acute Leukemia, the hyperlink goes to some page offering an introduction to the disease, in addition to a directory of the various blood tests along with other diagnostic methods available. The patient are able to read details about treatment options which can be available. One especially nice feature in the site is that it offers stories of real individuals who have won the battle against serious illnesses including acute leukemia.

Extra features include complete profiles in the various doctors that are serving in the Mayo Clinic and also the capability to make online appointments with them. You can even refill prescriptions and look at and pay bills on the website.

2. WebMD is an amazing way to obtain online medical information. True to the punch line, “Better Information, Better Health”, this site offers quite a bit to offer you. First of all, you can use it to pinpoint a specialist or perhaps a hospital close to your house location. If you are intending to take a drug which is unfamiliar with the marketplace, then you definitely have to go to the review section to locate information regarding it before starting to utilize it.

In the WebMD webpage you can get a number of attractive slide show packages working with topics varying from how you can increase the likelihood of pregnancy, to your recommended thirty minute workout schedule, to some slide show on dental fixes. There are lots of medical news tidbits along with an Expert column that enables you to send a query with an expert. You can also post your own advice and tips around the message board. In case you are overweight and organising a diet, then make use of the BMI calculator to locate your ideal body weight along with a calorie calculator to find how many calories you burn during 30 minutes walking expedition. The web page has several other diagnostic features and services? a lot of to list here. Overall, it’s terrific place to start most forms of online medical research. In fact, you might not want to look any more.

3. Revolution Health

Revolution Health ( is an amazingly comprehensive health information website. Take a few minutes to check it over – it’s a resource you ought to probably bookmark. Registration is needed but this merely requires that you provide your e-mail address and set up up a password. For this particular small investment over time you will have access to doctor-finding ligtyc rating tools, hospital comparative rating charts, disease/medication/treatment research tools, health risk assessment, exercise tracking tools, a 6-week healthy living program, many free newsletters, plus much more. You can also subscribe to reasonably limited Membership which offers a “Health Assistant and Advocate” to counsel you in working with virtually any sort of health question or concern, from finding treatment options to working with your health insurance provider. It’s a really cool, very helpful site and you also could spend much time profitably perusing it.

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